Poker TKO is an application for Facebook platform that will be synced with a standalone virtual store web application. The application will not be a traditional poker game but a dynamic entertaining social platform where you can interact with each other in the social chat rooms, send virtual gifts, attend online poker learning sessions, and play online poker game. During Poker game play, you will be provided with an option to have a live combat with the other users.

Avatar Builder

In the Virtual world, you can digitally create your ‘reflection’ in the form of Avatar. The only thing needed is your creativity on which avatar you want to be. In Avatar Builder you can build your own avatar to represent yourselves in the game. You can customize your avatar with different accessories like Pants, Shirts, Hair and Shoes etc. You can buy more accessories like Goggles, Wardrobe items, Gifts from the store using the Virtual cash earned during the game play.

3D Combat

When you are interestingly playing in the poker game you can find a Combat button available in the right top of the Poker table. When you are ready for a combat fight, a pop over page appears where it displays the list of all the players available to fight with you. The fight takes place off screen, so not to interfere with the poker game.

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