iSocial is chatting site which is developed to give you a Live chat with your friends and share your ideas and thoughts using your virtual avatar, it has different kinds of Chatting rooms which are segmented for your Friends, Public and also the Groups. The Chat room will help you not only to chat also you can gift your friends, achieve the Grades by inviting more friends into the application. iSocial chat can be logged in with your Facebook ID and you will be given with the profile as default, later you can start chatting with your friends. When you achieved in inviting five friends into your account, your profile will get visible.

Avatar Builder

In the Virtual world, you can digitally create your ‘reflection’ in the form of Avatar. The only thing needed is your creativity on which avatar you want to be. In Avatar Builder you can build your own avatar to represent yourselves in the game. You can customize your avatar with different accessories like Pants, Shirts, Hair and Shoes etc. You can buy more accessories like Goggles, Wardrobe items, Gifts from the store using the Virtual cash earned during the game play.

Avatar Store

Store will contains the accessories for the avatar like Shirts, Pants, Bracelets, Hair, Cap, and Chain. You can buy those accessories for your avatar from the store. You can also buy attractive Gifts, Drinks, Chat foods which can be used in the social chat room.

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