Inanvest is an online virtual trading application for Facebook and it provides opportunity for beginners to learning the basic trading tricks through online. You can start with $5000 virtual cash and do your investments in stock, commodity and Forex at the real prices. The main objective of Inanvest is to make the highest returns on your portfolio. Inanvest shows you the simulation of real market volumes which helps you to improve your real life investment scenarios. It offers great features to you in a different ways including choice of selecting your own avatar for your profile. It also has extensive features like Class room, Chat room, Avatar Builder, Avatar store and Tournaments. In this online trading you can win the real prizes by joining in the tournament.

Avatar Builder

The Avatar can be chosen as per your wish, also can be customized based on the accessories to make it more personable. The accessories for both genders will be available to customize. You can buy more accessories from Avatar store. At the same time you can chat with your friends or any of your opponent persons in our chat room.

Class room

A tutor will be available in each class rooms and he will be explaining about the trading concepts and tips to you. This will be like e-Learning in virtual live rooms. You can ask your questions to the tutor using the chat system embedded with class room. It has been implemented to learn trading from experts and friends. Also group events will be conducted by tutors in the available room.

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