What We Do

Blue Label Games is your answer through a targeted social media platform that contains a suite of fun and entertaining 3-D fantasy games that you control and manage. Our team will customize your branded content into the games that we offer and place your products as the rewards... making games more entertaining for players and increasing visibility of your products. Your target audience gets engaged. You achieve results. And everybody has a fun social experience. The monthly subscription fees paid by players provide a recurring revenue stream for your brand. Currently, Zynga free-play Poker has an estimated 270 Million Registered Players on Facebook and it costs $3 to buy chips in their social media environment, and the chips go away each day.


Our Blue Label affiliate game stores bring a new level of brand advertising to our social gaming clients. In our stores, users are able to exchange their reward points for items that will be worn and used by their online avatars. Advatarsing allows your brand to be seen and used for the duration of the user’s play, ensuring that your brand receives maximum exposure. Social media advertising has become the advertising industry’s leading provider of conversions and ROI, and as such our goal is to maximize the value of online campaigns. While most campaigns online now come as simple PPC (Pay-per-click) and PPV (Pay-per-view) offers that carry an extremely low conversion, our Blue Label solution keeps your product in front of millions of users for the duration of their play.

Reports & Tracking

As a Blue Label affiliate, you’ll receive instant access to our state-of-the-art tracking system. In it, you will be provided with countless reports and have an incredible amount of statistical data at your disposal. We give you the ability to track all of your active campaigns and provide you with a complete history of your previous campaigns as well. With this much key data, you’ll be able to maximize the value of each campaign and fine tune them as much as you’d like.

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