Poker TKO is an application for Facebook platform that will be synced with a standalone virtual store...

iSocial is chatting site which is developed to give you a Live chat with your friends and share your ideas...

Online Casinos comes in different style so you can able to go into the internet and look for an online that...

Social Tattoo Sharing Online
Share your tattoos with your friends online. Create your unique 3D avatar and apply tattoos for your avatar. Also share tattoo related pictures and videos on your wall.
3D Avatar Combat.A Friendly fight!
A player can challenge another player to fight anytime. The fight takes place off screen, so not to interfere with the game. The players "sit out" the hand, and after the fight come back.
Avatar Builder.Game Characters.
Avatar builder in poker game where players can build their own avatar to represent themselves in the game. Also players can purchase new dress, shoes, hair style, watches, drinks etc., from the avatar store.
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